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Wizardbull - Staffordshire Bullterrier, Stafordšírský bulteriér, Stafforshire Bull Terrier

Results of show BRNO 8.2.2009 judge Jaroslav Kubala (SK)

male – baby classe

VP1 - Artur King Smaragd Smile

male – junior class

Excell. 1 CAJC – Hot Challenger Wizard Bull

Excell. 2 – Armien Duck Ambassador Sun

Excell.3 – Star Gladiator Sharoc

Excell.4 – Leg Puller Impossant Bohemia

Excell. – Basco Snow Bee-Master

Excell. – Imp Fransimo Bohemia

Excell. – Colin Kerkin Bohemia

VG – Captain Raymond B.M. Bee-Master

VG – Kingly Napper Impossant Bohemia

VG – Hard Warrior Wizard Bull

male – intermadiate class

Excell.1 CAC – Gymno Fransimo Bohemia

Excell.2 r.CAC – Fransimo Blue Dream

Excell.3 – Heart in Heart Impossant Bohemia

Excell.4 – Dream Tymmy Fransimo Bohemia

VG – Asscan Arate-Alesaf

male – open class

Excell.1 CAC – Cromwell Eilatan

Excell.2r.CAC – Xargas Fransimo Bohemia

Excell.3 – Dzhey Ti Dakkar Drive

Excell.4 – Gipsy-Staff pod Zoborom

Excell.– Eternal Dreamer Impossant Bohemia

Excell. – Garfy Gee Impossant Bohemia

Excell. – Bond Kerkin Bohemia¨

VG – Baldrick z Aggami

male – champion class

Excell.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB – Diesel Wizard Bull

Excell.2 r.CAC – Áda od Lhoteckého potoka

Excell.3 – Fidgety Flip Impossant Bohemia

female – baby class

VP1 – Lara Croft Brabanter

VP 2 – Afrodita Bella Smaragd Smile

P3 – Noisate Fransimo Bohemia

female – puppy class

VP1 – Fiona Svob-Mil

P2 – Blanche Feithful staff

female – junior class

Excell.1 CAJC, Best Junior – Athena the Goddes Legoscha  (Diesel Wizard Bull x Coco Chanel Wizard Bull)

Excell.2 – Agatha Christie Moravia Lord  (Diesel Wizard Bull x Wolf Lady Fransimo Bohemia)

Excell.3 – Karwillage Reality Check

Excell.4 – Hero Queen Wizard Bull

Excell. – Agraeen Queen Moravia Lord  (Diesel Wizard Bull x Wolf Lady Fransimo Bohemia)

Excell. – Aithra Princess Moravia Lord   (Diesel Wizard Bull x Wolf Lady Fransimo Bohemia)

Excell.– Annya Princess Ambassador Sun

Excell. – Cekky – Weeky Bee-Master

Excell. – Frisbee Sarrah Miniem

Excell. – Knack Kessy Impossant Bohemia

VG– Gwinet z Návrší

VG– Lovely Lily Impossant Bohemia

VG – Amy Nijada

VG – Azalea Dona Jodiscan  (Denpower Romeo x Cairo Wizard Bull)

VG– Claudia Bee-Master

female – intermediate class

Excell.1 CAC - Erysen Suscanis

Excell.2 res.CAC – Robigalla z Hambálek Bušín

Excell. 3 – Felicity Cheer Wendy Blue

Excell.4 – Xandy Snug

Excell. – Jingle Bell Impossant Bohemia

Excell. – Erysen Suscanis

Excell. – Eschli Iuvo Hercynia

Excell. – Fatina Iuvo Hercynia

Excell. – Buffy Crazy Magic

VG – Blair Witch Bee-Master

female open class

Excell.1 CAC, CACIB – Wee Lass Fransimo Bohemia

Excell.2 res. CAC – Aimee Adrila

Excell.3 – Dainty Rose Wizard Bull

Excell.4 – Aiki Dobee Boraderam

Excell. – Arka Eilan Boraderam

VG – Ebony Felicity Chejr

female champion class

Excell.1 CAC res. CACIB – Heiter Krieger Easy Going

Excell.2 res CAC – Nova Era Pullera